Want to get strong, toned arms?

This 6-week online program using the Fitstyle Your Life approach will help you build a habit to get you that strength and definition you want in your arms AND you’ll have some fun while you’re at it!

It includes: 

  • 30-minute intro session
  • 20-minute weekly video guides led by Shana
  • Video tutorials for each week’s WORK, PLAY, STRETCH days

The exercises and movements you’re doing won’t take longer than 3-5 minutes each day and because we pair it with an activity you’re already doing, it’s not even an extra 3-5 minutes. (PLUS, no push-ups or planks!)

Each day of the program is assigned a movement - Work OR Play OR Stretch and we rotate through each one. 

  • Work days include familiar arm exercises like biceps curls and triceps pulses to work the front and back of your arms.

  • Play days are where you’ll have fun and learn a simple arm movement that you can do to your favorite songs!

  • Stretch days are exactly that. We stretch and relax to give our muscles time to recover.

In short, it’s an extremely fun upper body toning, endurance, strengthening program to make every day activities easier and you oh so fitstylish. 

You’ll build a healthy habit and gain endurance and strength for everyday activities.

What people are saying about the program…

“I now can easily incorporate working out my arms into my everyday. I loved the playlist and the motivation!”

Jess N.

“My arms are FINALLY starting to look cut and who knew it could be so fun and easy to get there?”

Shannon Q.

“Shana is so upbeat. Makes it easier to start and stay on track!”

Tiffany S.

Get a peek inside the program…

We don’t just use weights! We also PLAY with arm movements to make it fit fun! 

Watch the video to take a peek inside one of the PLAY Days >>

We also PLAY with arm movements to make it fit fun!

We don’t just use weights!

Program curriculum

  • 01

    START HERE: welcome!

    • Liability Waiver

    • START HERE: Quick Overview

  • 02

    Week 1

    • Day 1 of Week 1

    • Work - Biceps Curls + Triceps Pulses

    • Play - Arrow + Broken Arrow Arms

    • Stretch - Week 1

  • 03

    Week 2

    • Day 1 of Week 2

    • Work - Biceps Curls + Triceps Pulses

    • Play - W Xs ARMS

    • Stretch - Week 2

  • 04

    Week 3

    • Day 1 of Week 3

    • Work - Wide Biceps Curls + Triceps Curls

    • Play - Victory Arms

    • Stretch - Week 3

  • 05

    Week 4

    • Day 1 of Week 4

    • Work - Biceps curls + Triceps curls

    • Play - Robot Arms

    • Stretch - Week 4

  • 06

    Week 5

    • Day 1 of Week 5

    • Work - Hammer Curls + Triceps Kickbacks

    • Play - Cheerleader Arms

    • Stretch - Week 5

  • 07

    Week 6

    • Day 1 of Week 6

    • Work - Hammer Curls + Triceps Kickbacks

    • Play - Party Arms

    • Stretch - Week 6

  • 08

    Week 7 - Let's celebrate!

    • Day 1 of Week 7

    • Before you go...enter to WIN a Fitstyle prize!

    • Arm Toning Program Recap

  • 09

    Arm Toning Program Support Materials

    • Spotify Playlist

    • Download your habit tracker!

    • Arm Toning Program FAQs