Find the style of movement that fits you.

Movement throughout our day is the goal. 

When you move regularly, even with just small movements, you’ll find that it becomes easier to move more, do more and have more energy and time! 

If you feel like you don’t exercise enough, haven't worked hard enough, or don't sweat enough...and that guilt is weighing you down and may even be keeping you from exercising, then fitstyle is for you!

Start where you are. See your space turns out your kitchen has all kinds of fitness stations, you just have to know HOW to see them AND use them! 

“Our condo is different. Now I see opportunities where I could be doing squats or working my arms when I walk into the kitchen.” - Maureen

No need to try and fit a rigid exercise routine into your life. Instead, you can learn to see the opportunities for exercise when you walk into the kitchen or your office and take them! 

Exercise should fit into your everyday life...because life isn’t always routine! 

The membership helps you make that shift by giving you the tools to create your own personal fitstyle.

Fitstyle is a mindset shift offering a new outlook on exercise.


  • You have a busy schedule and you struggle to find time to exercise.
  • You feel like you lack energy.

  • You want something other than the usual gym workouts. 

  • You lack the motivation to exercise regularly.

Fitness is fundamental to keeping us healthy. We know the statistics about the physical and emotional benefits of exercise, but we still find it challenging to do — until now.

I’m going to help you let go of some of the preconceptions you have about exercise and what it means to get fit.

Because the key to getting and staying fit is learning how to bring fitness into your everyday life. 

I know; it seems obvious, right?

And you may be asking yourself, exactly how do I do this? 

Become a Fitstyle Member and learn how!

What's included in the ORANGE FITSTYLE MEMBERSHIP:

  • Mindful Motivations text messages
  • Access to the Fitstyle Fundamentals Program for free
  • Access to all Livestream Classes
  • Personal portal with On Demand Classes
  • Membership rates for 6-week programs, one-on-one programs, and other special discounts

What Fitstyle Members are saying:

“Fitstyle came into my life at just the right moment. After working remotely and being isolated from my co-workers, Fitstyle was a welcome distraction, and helped me think of something besides work throughout the day. I am extremely routine oriented, so the Fitsytle method was perfect for me. I was able to change my habits and mindset throughout the day, and incorporate behaviors that led to my well being. Shana is great - enthusiastic, nonjudgmental and fun! Who needs gym equipment when you have a floor and a dish towel!!!!!!! ”

Denise C.

“Wow - transformed - lost 10 pounds and gladly take the stairs versus the elevator when there's an option - never would I have done that in the past. Change of behavior and approach to life - breathe in and release what you can't control - love it!”

Alice S.

“I’m moving more and I feel good. I look in the mirror and I feel better. The coaching was about me and built around my day. Fitstyle has shown me so many ways to get fitness into our daily lives - it’s truly a gift!”

Susan A.